History & Region of Josef Chromy

Crafting cool climate wines locally that are revered globally.

From Pioneering Beginnings

Josef Chromy is a man of resilience and commitment, and profoundly shaped the Tasmanian food and wine landscape. While his journey began with ventures into renowned wineries such as Rochecombe (now Bay of Fires), Jansz, Heemskerk, and Tamar Ridge, it’s at his own estate where Joe’s passion for Tasmania truly blossoms today.

Though Joe’s remarkable journey commenced as a 19-year-old fleeing war-ravaged Czechoslovakia, his legacy is deeply rooted in the Tasmanian soil. Having braved adversities and redefined success with his venture, Blue Ribbon Meat Products, Joe ventured into the wine industry, and launched Josef Chromy Wines in 2007, as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the Tasmanian land and its people. 

In just four years, the estate garnered unparalleled accolades, securing 14 trophies and 170 medals. This meteoric success is not just about awards; it symbolises the estate’s devotion to producing wines that mirror the richness of Tasmania.

A Continuing Evolution

Today, Josef Chromy Wines is more than a winery. It’s a celebration of the commitment Joe had to the region, showcasing the finest food and wine that Tasmania offers. The 61 hectare vineyard, set in the cool climes of the Tamar Valley, yields both sparkling and table wines of unmatched quality, reflecting a true sense of place. Alongside the wines, the estate offers a culinary journey, ensuring an authentic and memorable Tasmanian food and wine experience.

As we continue our evolution of Josef Chromy Wines, it’s essential to recognise the estate’s core – an unwavering loyalty to Tasmania. Joe’s values, driven by love and allegiance to his adopted homeland, are still echoed in every glass of wine and every dish served at the estate today.

Cool-Climate Wines

Situated at the heart of Relbia, just south of Launceston, Josef Chromy Wines represents the pinnacle of innovative winemaking. Our state-of-the-art facility houses advanced equipment ensuring every grape is treated with utmost care. Our minimal intervention methods intend to preserve the essence of our cool-climate Tasmanian fruit.

Our vineyard sites produce premium varieties like pinot noir, chardonnay, and riesling. Nestled at an altitude between 81 to 170 metres, and boasting a temperate maritime climate free from extremes, our vines benefit from rich alkaline clay and stony soils atop an ancient dolerite base. With a commitment to quality and respect for the land, Josef Chromy Wines continues to set benchmarks in cool climate winemaking.