Josef Chromy Vineyards

Tailored Winegrowing for Exceptional Quality.

Tailored Winegrowing for Exceptional Quality

Josef Chromy Wines is known for producing exceptional cool climate wines in a challenging growing region of Northern Tasmania. With Tasmanian fruit in high demand and of a high value, our focus is always on quality over quantity. 


Winegrowing to us is about expressing a true sense of place within every bottle crafted. The way we manage vines is tailored specifically to the bottle that fruit is destined for. Known for our premium sparkling wine, we must ensure healthy and dense canopies where minimal light and sun exposure retains high acidity and controlled ripening.

Leading the Standard for Sustainability

A journey rooted in the land

Our journey begins with astute site selection, understanding the nuances of soil composition, climate, and the microclimates within our vineyard. We work closely with our vineyard team who prioritise growing the highest quality fruit possible, while dedicated to sustainable farming, including practices that not only preserve the environment but allow the vineyard’s unique character to shine through in our wines.

This combined knowledge enables us to select only the grapes that best showcase the natural attributes of a varietal to influence the flavours and characteristics of the wine. 


We are aligned with the standards set by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia (SWA), which is considered to be the best practice in viticulture in Australia. 


A key feature of our own sustainability program is our in-house composting system where grape marc and other by-products from the winery are transformed into nutrient-rich compost and put back into the soil. Additionally, we carefully curate selected chemicals to manage pests based on their softness to the environment and its beneficial insects. This is known as our Soft Fungicide Program. 

The vineyard also adopts an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. Instead of resorting to insecticides, the focus shifts to bolstering the population of beneficial insects. This is achieved by seeding grasses and flowers, which serve as food sources and breeding areas. These practices prove effective against pests like the light brown apple moth.





Fruit Quality

Each year brings a new growing season with a different set of challenges, and a fresh opportunity to evolve our expertise. We utilise Agtech partnerships to support and enhance our vineyard practices, including state-of-the-art technology and other specialised equipment to further improve fruit quality.

Stewards of the Land: Nurturing Ecosystems

We are merely stewards of the land after all, and strive to put back in what we take out in our pursuit of the highest quality wine production. We invest heavily in creating healthy and robust ecosystems, and nothing provides us with more satisfaction than our waterways thriving with frogs and native wildlife and bird life, including nesting swans. We’re also passionate about working to treat and manage affected wombats in the region, as a proud participant in the wombat rescue network.