Festa Tartufo

Festa Tartufo

The depths of Tasmania’s winter are responsible for all kinds of wonders; snow,  the invigorating kiss of cold breezes on your cheeks, the joy of an open fire and truffles.

Returning in 2024 is Festa Tartufo, a celebration of this incredible delicacy that is unearthed only during these frosted days of winter.

Take part in this 5-course dinner where Executive Chef Nick Raitt explores the nuances of truffles with his renowned creativity and heart. Paired with Josef Chromy Wines, this is one winter event not to miss.

Gather your friends and family to book a table.

Festa Tartufo is one of two Festa events at Josef Chromy in 2024. Also join us for Tasmania x Milano on June 7. Package discounts apply when booking both events in one transaction.


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